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Savings: Since rental companies receive significant discounts for handling large volumes of vehicles, they pass these savings on to their customers when leasing the vehicle and providing the service. The number of vehicles managed by the rental company generates economies of scale and significant discounts on goods and services as a result of its procurement and management capabilities.


No down payment required: It is not common to pay to start using rental services. Rental services can be contracted with no down payment.

Financing: You do not need to apply for financing for your vehicle. During the time you use the vehicle, you pay a monthly fee that includes what you need to drive: vehicle, taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, change of tyres.

Cost control Rent a car for a monthly fee. There are no unforeseen expenses and you know how much you are going to spend month by month without surprises.


Safety: The rental models are equipped with the latest safety systems of all brands. In addition, leasing companies are very conscious of their regulatory work and will always help you make more road safety conscious purchasing decisions.


Efficiency and sustainability: Being state-of-the-art vehicles, they have cutting-edge technology that reduces fuel consumption and pollution. As well as being more sustainable, it also saves fuel.


Convenience. One interlocutor, one bill. There is no need to worry about administrative formalities related to the vehicles. The rental company takes care of all the paperwork.flexibility. The contract is made according to the customer's needs. Duration, services included... everything can be reviewed and adjusted.


Mobility management: Rental operators have the tools to obtain quantitative and qualitative information on contract vehicles, allowing them to monitor and control tasks easily and efficiently. By saving a lot of time, people can concentrate on their daily activities. In addition, it monitors maintenance operations, tyres and repairs carried out by professionals in order to ensure minimum vehicle immobility.

Maintenance and Repair Warranty. Nationwide coverage of workshops and other services, including maintenance and repairs.


Rental companies usually arrange an appointment to speed up any type of intervention with the vehicle. It is a reliable and secure service that eliminates doubts and concerns with the workshop.


Have peace of mind before changes and traffic restrictions: Leasing allows the customer to be prepared for any changes that affect the use of the vehicle, as it is frequently updated, whether due to changes in life or adaptation to regulations, for example, in the event of a change in legislation on vehicle restrictions in the city.

No risk of accidents due to vehicle depreciation: It is the leasing company, not the customer, who bears the risk of accidents caused by vehicle depreciation as the owner. This is something customers do not have to worry about...


Optional service: Examples are vehicle replacement or pick-up and delivery services, fuel cards or the handling of traffic fines, etc.


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