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RELIABLE ADVICE. The leasing companies are highly specialised and have a spirit of continuous improvement, which makes them the best ADVISOR in everything related to the automotive sector. Large companies find in the renting operators TRUE ALLIES that offer them security and confidence in all the needs and questions related to their vehicles or their fleet. 

CONVENIENCE.. A single interlocutor, a single invoice. No need to worry about the administrative formalities related to the vehicle. The leasing company does all the paperwork. The fleet ownership modality involves a significant administrative and accounting burden, these tasks are simplified by reducing the number of suppliers and documents as all the services are included in ONE INVOICE. In addition, it is ACCOUNTED AS EXPENDITURE, there is no need to register the vehicle in the balance sheet or make depreciations. SIMPLE ACCOUNTS. 

FLEXIBILITY. The contract is shaped according to the customer's needs. Duration, services included... everything can be REVISED AND ADAPTED.

MOBILITY MANAGEMENT. Leasing operators have tools to obtain both quantitative and qualitative information on the contracted fleet, which allows them to carry out MONITORING AND CONTROL tasks in a simple and efficient way. By saving considerable time, SMEs can focus on their professional activity and increase their productivity. In addition, it monitors maintenance operations, tyres, repairs carried out by specialised personnel that guarantee MINIMAL IMMOBILISATION of the vehicles. 

QUALITY... High QUALITY STANDARDS are sought for the leasing service, regardless of the number of vehicles in this modality. 


MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS WITH GUARANTEE ...Extensive national COVERAGE of workshops and other services, including maintenance and repairs. The leasing companies usually arrange an appointment in advance to speed up any kind of intervention for the vehicle. It is a RELIABLE AND SAFE service with which you can forget about workshop problems and worries, which is one of the features most valued by leasing users. 


PEACE OF MIND IN THE FACE OF CHANGES AND TRAFFIC RESTRICTIONS. Renting allows the customer to be prepared for any change that affects the use of a vehicle, due to its frequent renewal, whether due to changes in its life or adaptations to regulations, for example, in the face of changing legislation on RESTRICTIONS ON ACCESS TO CITIES FOR VEHICLES. 



NO UNEXPECTED VEHICLE DEVALUATION RISKS: It is the leasing company, and not the customer, that assumes the unexpected risks due to vehicle devaluation, as it is the owner. It is something that the customer does not have to worry about. 

OPTIONAL SERVICES, such as a REPLACEMENT VEHICLE or pick-up and delivery service, fuel card or management of traffic fines, among others.


SAVINGS. As the leasing companies obtain significant discounts for handling large volumes, they pass these savings on to their customers when leasing vehicles and providing services. The volume of fleet managed by the leasing companies generates economies of scale and IMPORTANT DISCOUNTS on goods and services, as a result of their purchasing and MANAGEMENT capacity. 

NO INITIAL PAYMENT: It is not usual to make an initial outlay of money to start using the renting services. The leasing service can be contracted WITHOUT ANY INITIAL PAYMENT. 

FINANCING Companies that opt for leasing can free up financial resources, take on more debt capacity and PLAN their cash flow better. 

EXPENDITURE CONTROL...Renting works by means of a monthly payment. There are no unforeseen expenses and it allows you to know how much you are going to spend MONTH BY MONTH. NO SURPRISES. The leasing modality allows you to budget for fixed costs instead of the variable costs of fleet management, avoiding unforeseen costs and eliminating the risk of budget deviations. It also means a substantial reduction in the cost of resources dedicated to the administration, management and maintenance of the company's own fleet of vehicles.


For the purposes of deducting the VAT paid on the leasing of passenger cars that are investment goods, it is presumed that 50% of the vehicle is used for the business activity. The presumption, which may be rebutted by proof to the contrary, applies provided that the vehicle is effectively assigned to the activity.
    - A presumption of full assignment of 100% is allowed for vehicles used in the following activities:
        ◦ in the provision of passenger transport services for consideration;
        ◦ in the provision of driver training services for remuneration;
        ◦ for the business travel of commercial representatives or agents;
        ◦ for the provision of security services;
        ◦ those used by their manufacturers for the purpose of tests, trials, demonstrations or sales promotion;
        ◦ mixed vehicles used in the carriage of goods.


Vehicles given for the private use of employees are computed as remuneration in kind at 20% of the market value that would correspond to the vehicle if it were new. In the case of mixed use for business and private use, the remuneration in kind is calculated by applying the percentage of private use of the vehicle to this valuation.
    - The above valuation may be reduced in the case of energy-efficient vehicles by:
        ◦ 15% in the case of vehicles which, complying with Euro 6 emission limits, have official CO2 emissions of not more than 120 g/km and the market value that would correspond if the vehicle were new, before tax, is not more than €25,000.
        20% in the case of hybrid vehicles or vehicles powered by internal combustion engines that can use alternative fossil fuels (autogas-LPG and natural gas) provided that, in this case, the market value that would correspond to the vehicle if it were new, before tax, does not exceed €35,000.
        30% in the case of any of the following vehicle categories: battery electric vehicle (BEV); extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV); or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) with a minimum range of 15 kilometres provided that, in this case, the market value that would correspond to the vehicle if it were new, before tax, is no more than €40,000.


SECURITY. The leasing models are equipped with the latest safety systems of all brands. In addition, leasing companies are very aware of their prescriptive role and will always help you to make the MOST COMMITTED purchase decisions with regard to ROAD SAFETY. 

EFFICIENCY AND SUSTAINABILITY. As they are state-of-the-art vehicles, they have the most advanced technology that allows fuel consumption to be lower and LESS POLLUTANT. In addition to being more sustainable, they SAVE FUEL. 

IMPROVEMENT OF THE IMAGE. Having vehicles under the leasing formula is an excellent business card for a company, since it guarantees that the vehicles ARE CHANGED EVERY LESS TIME, with the implications of social responsibility that this has.


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